Why You—Yes, You—Need a PLE


As you’ll read on this site, personal learning environments (PLE) can be a powerful online learning tool for a motivated learner. Regardless of age, whether in school or not, anyone can find use for a PLE. Here are some of the main reasons why you would benefit from a PLE.

1) Organization
If you’re an average person in 2016, you probably learn a tremendous amount online. A PLE is great because it will help you keep track of everything you learn. It will act as a platform where you can select, curate, and organize specific information to make it easy to revisit again and again.

2) Curation
As you know, the internet is overflowing with information. And it’s just getting fuller. All of that content can be overwhelming if you don’t have a got sorting system to gather and view all the important things that you’ve learned online. A PLE can be the perfect place to do that. It can help you sort through the information to find what it most important to you and help you choose what to include in your person info database.

3) Flexibility
Need a platform to keep together all your information from class? A PLE can give you that space. Want a way to prioritize what topics of news articles you see? A PLE can give you that control. Looking for a way to customize your social media news feed? Or keep all the info you use for your personal projects in one place? PLEs can give you the platform for all of this.

4) Ease
You don’t have to be a computer whiz to create a PLE, nor do you have to know even a single term in a coding language. You just have to know how to use basic platforms on the internet, such as social media sites or blogs.

4) Scrapbook Style Info
Think of a PLE like your own personal online scrapbook of information. You get to choose what’s included and how it’s presented—and you  can flip through your old information whenever. Nothing is permanently forgotten when it’s added to a PLE.



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